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In 1982 at the age of 26 I had an idea to combine my love of music with my love of travel and created the first package tours for Beatle fans. An all inclusive vacation to visit the annual Liverpool Beatle Convention and London Beatle sites. As Rock Apple Tours we operated music tours until 1986 when I became more involved in the full time business of music promotion and production. Since 2007 I have spent much of my "off season" time working as a tour manager for various artists and also researching and developing audio driving tours and itineraries for music fans visiting the Southern States and the rich history of Soul Music, R&B, Blues, Rockabilly, Gospel and Country Music. I have spent many months in Nashville, Macon, Memphis, Muscle Shoals, Montgomery, Savannah, Tupelo and Clarksdale creating the core of a comprehensive twelve day musical history tour across the southern states.Take a look at  and a listen to my travel related stories and links below and consider having me customize a music tour for you and your group

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