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Tim Miller and Tony Raine both arrived on this planet in the year 1955, the year RocknRoll became "officially" recognized!
Tim is originally from Detroit and Tony is from the North of England between Liverpool and Manchester. Life and lifestyles influenced by music every single day, these two "geezers" washed ashore on Cape Cod, MA many moons ago and carved out their livings around music, movies, and entertainment until COVID put a stop to that!
From a decades-old friendship, the opportunity to further explore a mutual love of rock'n'roll and movies couldn't be ignored!

From a podcast concept a few short months ago T'n'T had evolved into a weekly radio show format "Tim 'n; Tony's Rock and Pop Show" on WOMR, Cape Cod's most eclectic radio station, situated in Provincetown, MA.
Please join us, listen in, and follow the development of our other projects: "The New Cape Cod Post Apocalyptic Passing Show"

and further online radio projects!
Sign up for updates and join our explosive new music community!
Re-discover Vinyl and the joys of record hunting and our stories from the world of music and movies.


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Tony Raine and Tim Miller
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