For a while now people have been suggesting I write a book of music related stories and how I've survived and made a living in and around the business of music. Never having been a paid musician I've worked around this sometimes peculiar breed in many capacities. I therefore consider myself a "hitch-hiker on the rock and roll highway" as hitch hiking started me on my travels at an early age.
I've noticed people are often confused by my stories as they puzzle with the number of places and time frames I refer to.
To better follow along  the timeline I've created below should help.
Also I'm in the process of creating a series of podcasts around my adventures which may help generate written content later?

What do you think? would you listen? sign in below after the timeline and let me know before I waste my time entirely! I would much appreciate your input.....

AUGUST 1955:    Born in Blackburn, Lancashire, UK
WINTER 1962:     The big freeze in UK.  First trips to movies: Summer Holiday, Dr No.
                              First aware of Beatles on Granada TV
JAN  1963:           Longshaw Junior School, Blackburn
OCT/ NOV 1963   Beatles on TV, London Palladium and Command Performance. Begin following
                             Juke Box Jury, Thank Your Lucky Stars and Ready Steady Go on TV.
SEPT 1966:          No more 11+ steered to new "comprehensive" school system and brand new   
                              Everton High School. Join "dance club" to meet girls.
1966 - 1971:         Start playing records at school dances and youth clubs, Begin buying records and
                              reading music papers NME, Melody Maker in 1968. Collect soul music Atlantic and
                              Stax label and Beatles before hearing Hendrix and Pink Floyd in 1969 -70, then
                              everything changes.
                              First concert Oct 1970, T Rex at King Georges Hall in Blackburn.
JULY 1971:           Left Everton after O levels, work summer in retail, pass entrance exam for Nautical
                              College in Fleetwood, enroll as Radio Cadet.
                              Fleetwood Mac, July 5th 1971. Second concert.
                              Move to Fleetwood dormitory in August.
                              Begin college as Old Grey Whistle Test goes on air on BBC, immediate distraction.
                              American room mate and myself and one other are raided by drug squad
                              for burning insence.
May 5-7 1972:      Organize group outing from college to Bickershaw Festival, Grateful Dead, Kinks etc.
                              Scrounged and bought and sold tickets outside. Mud and rain for 3 days.
May 26-29 1972:  Get a ride on Friday night to Lincoln, "Great Western Festival" 4 days, more rain and
                               mud, great bands.
JULY 1972:            Summer work in Blackburn at Co-op. Two Clitheroe Festivals that summer, note
                               Brinsley Schwarz with Nick Lowe.
AUGUST 1972:      Return to Fleetwood and become active in Student Union. Thatcher is minister of
                               education and begins cuts to students, NUS strikes with Lancaster Uni.Concerts
                               all winter; Hawkwind, Curved Air, Steeleye Span, Lindisfarne, Mott and more.
MARCH 1973:       Rag Week in Blackpool, as "Rag" committee member am invited for drinks with
                               mayor of Blackpool at The Winter Gardens. Despite being underage (17) got legless

                               and woke up in phone booth in the snow at the train station. Decide college no
                               longer  for me, the school agreed. Start banging nails with my dad as that was the
                               only option he gave me for "dropping out". More concerts, almost weekly now.
                               Hair grows. Concerts: Hawkwind, Bowie, Alex Harvey, Fanny, Quo, Slade.
JULY 1973:            Dad in hospital,return to Co-op to work begin dating Rod Stewart fan. First legal
                               drink August 4. End of summer get hired at Ames Record Bar as a warehouse
                               guy. Part time waiter at Rovers Return pub.
                               Go to London for first time with friend Ian, overnight bus, sleep in Park and explore.
NOV 1973:             Get tickets from label rep for Who Quadrophoenia at Belle Vue, Manchester Nov 1st.
                               Nov 13th, Queen opening for Mott at KGH, come in store and we put album in
                               window for free tickets.
DEC 1973              Dec 11th Janet convinces me to go and see Faces with her and her friend, Bus from
                               Brinscall to Manchester, Free Trade Hall. Become Faces convert!
Jan- March 1974  Blackburn is boring and depressing need to get out! New girlfriend, more
                               concerts, Ames becomes a drag, Lots of partying. Begin applying for hoilday camp
                               jobs for summer. Walk out at Ames.
APRIL 1974:          Leave for Bournemouth with Doug and Stu. Live rough work day to day
JULY   1974:          Hitch to Buxton alone for Faces, Humble Pie .
                               Take off to Torquay, arrested for possesion.
AUG    1974           Hitch to Windsor free festival with 3 girls and tent. Festival raided.
                               Return to Bournemouth meet London boys at QDeck and move in.
SEPT  1974           Move to London - Rotherhithe with Steve. Work temping, then Gleesons in

OCT 1974:              Live - in bar job at Old Swan in Battersea.
NOV 1974              First night off I met Bonnie in Chelsea Drugstore pub, walked her home to
                               Belgravia. She was bound to return the USA in January but stayed to travel
                               together and become a couple. Faces at Lewisham Odeon.
Jan - July 75         After New Years we moved to Bournemouth to the same flat I had in Boscombe
                               early in the year.Hitched to South of France looking for work, no luck. Return to UK
                               and set up for summer in Newquay, Cornwall. Red Lion pub. Get engaged in May
                               and plan to marry in August. Find a flat and work odd jobs. June hitch to Wembley
                               for Eagles, Joe Walsh, Beach Boys and Elton John show.
                               July make move to London following Pink Floyd at Knebworth.
                               Find "live in" work at Six Bells Birdsnest in Chelsea.
AUG  75                 August 4 twentieth birthday.
                              August 23rd wedding at Chelsea Registry, immediate family and reception at pub.
SEPT 75                Apply for US immigration at US Embassy in London.
DEC  75                 Arrive in NY with Bonnie, to parents in NJ then to Jacksonville, FL for Christmas.
FEB  76                 American Bicentenial, work as a motel maintenance man, painter and odd job man
                              and pass my driving test in Jacksonville.
                              Frank Sinatra in concert at Jacksonville Civic Auditorium courtesy of Bonnie's mum.
                              Eric Clapton and Charlie Daniels.
MAY 77                Drive to NJ then make move to Austin TX at invitation from Mrs Herman Heep.
                             We both get retail jobs on Congress Ave and find apartment in town.
                             Concerts: Emerson, Lake and Palmer,


JAN 78                 We meet Billy Pritchard from Chelsea St Pubs and Bill Shea.
                              Convert Nickelodeon diner on E6th St  to Maggie Maes and open in May. First
                              promotion "Commiseration Day" July 4th.


                             SHOWS: Armadillo World Hedquarters: Frank Zappa, Arlo Guthrie, Asleep At The
                                            Wheel, Willie Nelson?
                                            Antones: BB King, Sam and Dave
                                            Memorial Hall: ELP, Leon & Mary Russell
                                            Paramount Theater: Al Jarreau

                                            Clubs: Jimmy Vaughn, Marcia Ball, Thunderbirds
                                            San Antonio : Rod Stewart (RS Magazine).

                                            At Maggie Maes: Christopher Cross, Elvis Costello, Nick Lowe,
                                            Dave Edmunds. Abner Burnett,

OCT 78                 Dispute with Bill Shea, move back to UK, Abersoch
JULY 79                              St Tudwals pub: Meet Dire Straits in bar when I'm setting up.
AUGUST 4 79         Knebworth, Led Zeppelin

OCT 79                 Back to USA , Jacksonville
79 - 81                 Springsteen, Kinks, Who (Atlanta)
May 81                 Move to Boston, August move to Lexington, GW.
Sept 82                Who, Clash, Santana  JFK Stadium.
August 83            Rock Apple Tours Liverpool / London
Jan 84                  Move to Ogunquit  ME

August 84            Rock Apple Tours Liverpool / London/ Hamburg
Jan 85                  Move back to Lexington. Victoria Station, Channel
                              Kinks catering Lynn 
Dec 86                  Channel full time management
Jan 87                  Edible Rex 
                              Dire Straits Providence
July 87                  Wayside Inn, Chatham 
winter 87              Catering Providence concerts, Ron Wood at Living Room
                              Wings at MSG
Summer 88         Wayside Concert series
Winter 89             Karaoke research
Summer 89         Karaoke

Jan  90                 Move to UK

May  90                Dingwalls and Channel 4 show. Meet Glyn Johns, Bob Geldof
                              Chaka Kahn at Dingwalls, Pretty Things at 100 Club.
                              Steve Marriott at Half Moon
June 90                All back to NJ
June to Jan 91     Star DJs , first CA trip, meet Lemmy and John Entwistle at Rainbow  Room
March 91              Back to Channel as talent buyer.
Dec 91                  Regroup find house in Chatham move back
March 92              All back in Chatham, work with Mike P.
                              Book Squeeze, Jimmy Cliff and Best of Boston at Melody Tent 
May 93                  Orleans Inn and make posters for Melody Tent summer shows
Dec 93                  Hired for Melody Tent for summer 94.
April 94                Tent first season remain at tent until July 1997. Work with Mark Quinn
                              developing internet concepts.
April 98                Return to tent until summer 2008, develop Dixie Tours in Nashville.
August 08            Tour Manage Carlene Carter and work with Johnson Family.
April  09               Return to tent GM/ Production contract.
May 2010             Management contract with Siobhan Magnus

............TO BE CONTINUED......






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