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When I first saw the Beatles in October, 1963 on television I knew, like so many of my generation, I wanted to be a part of whatever that was!! Finding a way to make a living in that business took many years and many adventures. What I did though was read and study music newspapers and trade magazines and countless books from the age of eleven to the present day.
I have worked in the concert industry for over forty years and been lucky enough to travel and work in all the music cities I could only dream about as a twelve year old studying my weekly copy of the
New Musical Express.
Liverpool, London, Hamburg , New York, Nashville, LA, Memphis, Austin, Boston, Chicago,
and even Muscle Shoals, Alabama!

For more than twenty five summer seasons I have directed more than fifty shows per summer at
Cape Cod's premiere concert venue, The Cape Cod Melody Tent.
As director of production I have been fortunate enough to work with performers from
Tony Bennett  to Willie Nelson,  Dianna Ross to Ziggy Marley.


Take a look at the projects I am developing to work on through my "retirement" years and
I hope you'll listen, read and maybe come along on some of the adventures I'm planning.

Celebrate 60 Years of Beatlemania with me in the UK on the ultimate tour of the
Beatles England and British Rock.

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All The Best



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